Eliminate Large Pores

As many of us age, we have a series of symptoms that begin to form on our skin. Some of these symptoms are more obvious than others, and some may take years to actually rear their ugly face in the mirror.

With age, our skin becomes increasingly worn down and filled with wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and even large pores. Reducing and eliminating these large pores is what this article is all about.

What Causes Large Pores

The pores on your face are small holes in the skin which are the openings of the oil glands on the face.There are two basic causes of large pores, which is enlargement of the opening of the oil gland onto the skin:

Excess Skin Oil Production
Aging of the Skin

First, you need to open up the pores and unplug them in order to treat them. To do this, fill up your basin with warm water. Make sure that the water is extra warm but at the same time, it should not be scalding hot.

Exfoliation can be accomplished in one of three ways - at a dermatologist, spa, or at home. You can use a simple facial scrub to exfoliate from home and shrink large pores. You may also want to consult your local dermatologist or spa for a microdermabrasion treatment.

Oatmeal and gram flour are good toning substance. You can add a little lemon juice, rose water and curd to them and apply on the skin. Wash this pack off when it dries. It tones the pores and enhances the complexion.

Try a facial. Facials performed by a dermatologist can include the removal of blackheads, another pore-de-clogging option. You shouldn't squeeze blackheads yourself, a dermatologist knows how to remove blackheads without damaging your skin.

It is important to buy only organic remedy, as you will use it on a regular basis. Such kind of natural remedies work really effectively and allow you to unclog all large pores after only several uses.

Prevention of blackhead can be done by several methods: use of tretinoin products (e.g. Retin-A®), salicylic acid products (peels, lotions, creams), glycolic acid products, and microdermabrasion.

Pore Minimizers are most successful if they contain active ingredients that one - kill bacteria, two reduce or irrigate oil and dirt, and three, heal and rejuvenate the skin. Emu Oil works well used in a pore minimizer.

After you've cleansed your face with the steamed washcloth, it is now the ideal time to apply a clay mask. Like the steamed cloth, the clay mask will further help draw excess oils away from the pores and help restore the minimal size of the pore.

Acne medications such as salicylic acid and retinoids may also help you in your fight against big pores and acne since these treatments are helpful in getting rid of comedones.

People with beautiful skin tend to live a balanced lifestyle. They go to bed early and are early risers. These type of people have elastic skin with tightened pores because their skin is less tired to those that sleep late or have irregular timetables.

Keep your skin free of excess oils. That does not mean that you strip away the acid mantle totally. Just keep the oil manageable so that it does not look shiny. 

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