What Causes Acne in Skin

When the formation of oil is high and gets trapped in the skin pores, these results to clogged pores and in turn allows the formation of acne to occur. Acne comes in four forms which result as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and even cyst. -Clogged skin pores -Bacteria performance on skin -High activeness of oil glands

1. Clogged skin pores:

With clogged skin pores, acne will develop more due to the oil flow by the oil glands. The oil produced in high amount will be trapped in within the skin pores that will cause the blockage. The development of blackhead and whitehead gains a possibility to be formed by clogged skin pores. Clogged skin pores only occur when the skin is experiencing an oily sensation. So, those with oily skin base might have a higher chance in experience acne breakouts.

2. Bacteria performance on skin:

With the support of bacteria, there is a high chance of acne to be formed due to their chemicals. A bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes helps in the formation of acne and the chemical produced causes inflammation in the long run. Inflammation consists of the red swelling that causes irritation factors to the face.

3. High activeness of oil glands:

The high activeness of oil glands depends on several factors such as puberty (teenagers between the ages of 12-17), hormonal changes in both males and females (adrenal by adrenal glands) and stress. These several factors will cause more acne breakouts due to a large amount of oil produced by oil glands that own an intention to clog pores easily.

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