8 Things To Avoid In Acne Treatment

Acne treatment is not an easy thing.Often patients and doctors can feel frustrated because the treatment of acne that can not be instant. It takes cooperation between doctors and patients to be able to solve this acne duduk masalah properly and effectively. 

Often patients and doctors can feel frustrated because the treatment of acne that can not  8 Things to Avoid in Acne Treatment

Handling ways to treat acne is wrong or not right often tend to worsen the situation so that more difficult to treat and takes a longer time. Here are some guidelines for you avoiding the wrong treatment and handling in the face of acne.

Quickly desperate in the treatment of acne. Acne treatment does sometimes take a long time to produce a positive response, which is about 2-6 weeks. For that, you should use your acne medication for a period of 1 month before deciding to stop the treatment.

If you notice any improvement, then the treatment should be continued. Sometimes, in the initial treatment period, your acne will look more severe, it is natural and not to worry about.
Trying many acne medication products at once. 

Because often too quickly despair because of one type of treatment, often patients try many acne medications at one time. This tends to make the skin more irritated, and ultimately causes the healing process of acne to cause a blackish scar or scar tissue.

Wash or scrub the face excessively. Washing and excessive facial scrubs do not help the healing process of acne, rather than causing irritation to the skin. Not rinsing the face cleanly after washing the face can cause irritation caused by the rest of the cleansing soap left on the face.
For that, choose a non-irritating cleansing soap and with a pH corresponding to a skin pH ranging from 5-6.5.

Choose a product that causes acne. Choose products that are "non-comedogenic" and "do not cause acne". These products usually do not contain excessive alcohol or do not contain excessive soap base. Cosmetic products, sunscreens and moisturizers containing isopropyl palmitate, isopropyl myristate, butyl stearate, isopropyl isostearate, decyl oleate, isostearyl neopentanoate, isocetyl stearate, myristle myristate, cocoa butter, acetylated lanolin, and D & C dyes tend to close pore- pores and can trigger the occurrence of acne. Products containing oils can also cause acne.

Pressing and solving acne by force. Pressing and solving acne by force can cause the inflammation process to become more severe and the healing process becomes longer. In addition, the healing process can leave scarring and blackish marks on the skin. For that should avoid pressing and solving acne by force. Let the healing process of acne running normally and properly.

Too late to see a doctor. If acne can not be overcome with over-the-counter medicines, it appears very much and causes a lot of scarring, then it's time to see a doctor. Doctors can provide treatment with stronger doses than free drugs and also fit the needs of patients using the latest technology such as with lasers.

No use of drugs in accordance with the rules of wear. Use of acne medication should pay attention to the rules of wear. Patients are advised not to use drugs in excess or less in accordance with the rules of use. If used with excessive it can cause irritation and redness.

 Meanwhile, if less in accordance with the rules of use it will not give the desired healing effect. Consistency, perseverance and patience are indispensable in the treatment of acne. Often acne treatment needs to be used in all areas that may have the potential for acne. 

When treatment is only given on acne alone, eating treatment can not provide the desired preventive effect. Adherence to the rules of use greatly affects treatment outcomes.

Stopping the medication prematurely. Use of acne medication should not be stopped suddenly. Its use should be reduced gradually and should still use maintenance care. If treatment is stopped suddenly then the recurrence of acne will appear more.

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