Cause Of Baby Acne And How To Overcome It

Maybe you as a mother will feel anxious when seeing the appearance of acne on your baby's face. Neonatorun acne or what we often call baby acne is a condition where the onset of acne on the baby's skin. This condition is usually experienced by about 20% of newborns.

Maybe you as a mother will feel anxious when seeing the appearance of acne on your baby CAUSE OF BABY ACNE AND HOW TO OVERCOME IT
This acne appears when your baby is born and usually the acne appears at 2-4 weeks after birth. This acne usually grows around the face, neck, back of the body, and even some that appear on the baby's arm.

The following symptoms of acne emergence in the baby include: first, the acne will turn into a rash that is shaped small and reddish pimples. Sometimes acne that appears in the form of white head Acne. When the baby feels very hot and is in a state of anger this acne will appear from the usual.

 But there are times when this acne is not visible at all. By itself, the pimples on the baby's face will disappear within 4 months and do not leave scars or scarring. Acne in this baby can last for 3 years, but this case is very rare. In most cases, the baby's acne will disappear for at least 12 months.

Causes Baby Acne

The cause of this baby acne is the change of hormones that exist in the baby's body to affect the working oil glands in the baby's skin. During the tamat stages of pregnancy, through the placenta, the mother's hormone can enter the baby's body area.

The main cause of acne in babies is the adrenal androgen hormone before birth through the placenta. Apart from passing through the placenta, the hormones present in the mother can also enter through the milk into the baby's body.

Hormones introduced in the baby's body will affect the hormonal changes in the baby's body so that it stimulates the baby's oil glands and ultimately makes acne grow in infants. In addition to hormonal factors, which can trigger the growth of acne in infants is the drugs consumed by breastfeeding mothers or baby medicine itself. Examples of such drugs are oral or topical steroids, anti-depression, also contraceptive drugs.

You often feel worried when acne appears on your baby, but the acne will naturally disappear naturally. Newborns, acne is a natural condition. You do not have to do a special treatment like acne treatment in adolescents or adults. Basically, baby acne does not have to be treated, baby acne only takes a long time until the acne goes away by itself.

Unless there are noticeable signs of an unusual condition of acne, you should consult your pediatrician. Your doctor will give you the best and most appropriate way for your baby. In addition, the handling that you can do on the baby is to always keep the baby's hygiene and always keep the baby's skin so as not to be irritated.

Do it at least once a day by using a clean and safe baby cleanser, other than that the water used should also be clean. Reduce the use of oils, lotions and baby cream, because it can make the skin condition worse. And the most important thing to note, do not ever touch or squeeze pimples on your baby.

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