How to Get a Facelift Without Surgery: Best Non Surgical Face Lift Options

Get a Face Lift Without Surgery

A face lift without surgery is appealing to many people because it improves the general appearance of the person without the discomforts that traditional face lift surgery brings. It also saves time, and is less costly as compared to the surgical procedures. Many patients are now considering a non surgical face lift to improve and rejuvenate the skin without the time, pain or incisions of traditional face lift surgery.

These new non surgical procedures are a result of recent advances in technology to tighten the skin. Keep in mind although these procedures are effective, the results are not as dramatic as a surgical face lift. The reduction in healing time and discomfort generally lead most patients to be pleased with the results from a facelift without surgery.

Best Non Surgical Face Lift Options

With the advancement of technology, there are many non surgical face lift techniques that are pain-free, non-invasive and highly efficient to choose from. Some of these non surgical face lift options include laser face lift, Thermage, microcurrent facelift, chemical peels, and natural face lift products.

Thermage Treatment for Non Surgical Face Lift

Thermage face lift is one of the most popular non surgical face lift procedures. Thermage is a process that uses radiofrequency energy to heat the skin. The heat stimulates collagen growth in duduk perkara areas helping to reduce lines and wrinkles on the face. The procedure takes about an hour and after effects can include redness and tenderness on the areas treated. These side effects usually last only one or two days.

Laser Face Liftto Get a Facelift Without Surgery

A laser face lift is another type of non surgical procedure to get a face lift without surgery. The laser technology is able to tighten portions of the skin resulting in fewer wrinkles and a more youthful appearance. Basically, this is chosen by many men and women who want to avoid incisions, anesthesia and scarring. In the laser face lift procedure, dermatologists tighten the outermost layer of the skin by bringing in new layers of skin cells while ridding off dead cells. Patients would notice visibly lesser lines and wrinkles in the face.

Those considering this non surgical face lift procedure must expect for discolorations of the skin as well as skin sensitivity to occur as after effects of the treatment. However, these side effects of laser treatment would slowly disappear and would be gone in two weeks. It is highly suggested that you know the compatibility of this treatment to your complexion.

Microcurrent Face Lift to Get a Facelift Without Surgery

This non surgical face lift option is also popularly called as bio-ultimate face lift. This is another technique of face lift without surgery that makes use of very tiny electric currents targeted to facial cells so they are stimulated to their natural activity. Among the noticeable effects of microcurrent face lift is the exfoliation of the dead skin cells on the outer layer and the rejuvenation of the skin with new cells emerging out.

The immediate effects that patients would notice are tightening of the facial muscles and improved skin tone as it corrects the damage wrought by the sun’s harmful effects. Through the stimulation produced by the gentle electric current to the skin, beauty glows from within because collagen and elastin formation are enhanced. Thus, beauty emerges from inside out.

Facial Chemical Peels to Get a Facelift Without Surgery

Chemical peels are one of the least invasive ways to improve your skin. Facial chemical peels are very popular because they are affordable and easy taking no more than 45 minutes. Chemical peeling uses a chemical solution to improve the skin's appearance. The chemical peel works by removing the top layers of the skin to expose unlined, new skin underneath.

Best Non Surgical Face Lift Option: Natural Face Lift Products

Some patients may have extra sensitive skin that they would react even to the least invasive face lift treatment. Not everyone’s skin can take laser face lift or microcurrent face lift. There are, however, another option for those with hypersensitive skin to have face enhancement. They can go to any health store and look for products such as face lift creams or any other topical treatments which packed amino acids in high amounts such as acetyl hexapeptide and alpha hydroxy acid. These chemical components have a skin tightening effect resulting to reduction of wrinkles and lines.

Lifestyle and Diet Changes to Get a Face Lift Without Surgery

Both surgical and non-surgical face lift methods would produce immediate improvement of the face as they correct many imperfections of the facial skin. However, it is important to remember that if you want a kind of beauty that stays for long, you have to consistently take care of yourself by taking important notice of your lifestyle and diet. Otherwise, no procedures can help you slow down aging if you do not have any discipline with your activities and food intake.

Soon after the treatment, you might just discover that your problems are once again back, and they have reappeared earlier than you have expected. And if there is a fountain of youth, water must have hailed from there because water is known to be one of the natural age-delaying treatments. It cleanses the body of impurities and toxins. There is no overdose of water, thus, you are encouraged to take in as much as you can to continually replenish the body with new fluid. In this way, skin is continually kept hydrated and nourished. And you will get a face lift without surgery.

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Aside from water, be careful with your diet. Make sure that your daily food intake consists of high servings of fruits and vegetables because they are good natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin and mineral supplements are natural antioxidants and they help fight and flush the free radicals in the body

Aside from the supplements that must be present in your diet, sleep should not also be sacrificed. In the busy world out there, many are cutting off on sleep while trying to make money. This is a very big mistake because sleeping is essential to get a natural face lift. When people sleep, all the cells are given their required rest and regeneration time. That is why nothing compares to the freshness of face which comes from having emerged from sleep. So do not underestimate the benefits of sleep.

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