How to Get Rid of Forehead Acne Fast: Remove Pimples on Forehead Naturally

How to Get Rid of Forehead Acne Fast

There are no perfect methods on how to get rid of forehead acne fast. So there are different ways to control this infection but most of them promise to get rid of acne completely while they might not work. It is very important you know the type of skin you have so that you can get treatment for acne bumps on forehead that is for the type of your skin.

Acne often occurs on the forehead. The forehead and nose are part of the places that accumulate excess amount of oil than any other part of the face.

Clogged skin pores are caused by excess oil and it is mostly blocked by bacteria which results in acne breakout. To get rid of forehead acne fast, you must first unblock your skin pores. If you are willing to clear your forehead acne you will soon see the results in few weeks time.

Methods to Get Rid of Forehead Pimples and Acne

How to get rid of forehead acne fast is the question most sufferers also ask. Getting rid of  pimples on forehead is very simple, and all you need have to do is to figure out the main cause behind the formation and then look for the solution. Pimples or zits are formed when there is excess production of sebum by the sebaceous gland and can also be caused by excess heat, hygiene, blocked skin pores, diet and hormonal changes. But the most common way this dilema is formed is when the follicle ducts of sebaceous gland is blocked and this leads to infection by a bacterium called P.acne.

Nevertheless, there are many home remedies on how to get rid of forehead acne fast and they include:

1. To get rid forehead pimples fast, you have to change your diet, drink plenty of water to rid excess toxins in your body and also you can get natural facial mask from your local stores.

2. You have to wash your face at least twice daily using a mild soap or you can also use facial cleanser to remove small pimples on forehead. Some harsh or medicated soap tend to cause skin dryness and when it gets too dry it start to produce more oil which in turn leads to acne breakouts.

You can treat your acne bumps on your forehead by using a mild facial cleanser; choose a product that will not irritate sensitive skin for example a product that has at most 3.0 percent of benzoyl peroxide. It is the most crucial part when treating forehead acne, it keeps prevent bacteria from getting into the skin pores. Applying only benzoyl might not bring a perfect solution to get rid of acne fast. Some tend to cause dry skin, so do not over apply it.

3. Apply a moisturizer. It will help to hydrate the skin, and it will prevent the skin from peeling or irritation. This treatment is effective enough to cure your breakout in less than two weeks; all you need to do is apply it every day and night. When you are regular it will help to get rid of your forehead acne, forehead wrinkles and will give you a clean and clear skin.

4. Fenugreek seeds: it is generally known as a good herbal medication for clearing forehead pimples fast. It can be made by boiling a glass of water with one corn hair and two fenugreek seed. Then allow it to cool before using to wash your face. It is a good cleansing agent.

5. If you are suffering from a severe acne breakout on forehead, then you can apply the juice of apricots directly to the acne and pimples on forehead.

6. To get rid of acne overnight you will need to apply toothpaste to the affected area. The non gel toothpaste are very effective in curing pimples as fast as possible.

All you need to do is to clean or wash your face with warm water or you can preferably use a cleanser to make it faster. And then gently dab it dry with a clean towel, after that apply toothpaste only on the pimples before going to bed. The next day wash it with lukewarm water and you will find a big reduction in the size of the infection.

7. Applying egg white is another effective treatment to get rid of forehead pimples and it helps to dry pimples fast. Make your face clean by using the first method and then apply the egg white. For those prone to a dry skin mix it with lemon juice and otherwise mix it with a bit of honey.

8. Aloe vera is a well- known remedy for forehead pimples or zits. After washing or cleaning your face apply Aloe onto the affected areas. You can decide to use natural Aloe-Vera plant or you can buy aloe gel. After applying it allow it to dry and once it is dried you can wash it off with water.

9. Diet is also important when it comes to clearing forehead acne. You have to avoid foods that contain too much fats, carbonated soft drinks and fast food. So you have to focus on eating foods that contains more vitamins, minerals and essential nutrient. Eat more of leafy vegetables and fresh food.

10. Apply an ice face pack to help reduce the redness and swelling of the forehead pimples. Apply this face pack every hour and hold it for about five to ten minutes to help stop the irritation acne causes.

11. In addition apply the mixture of tomato juice, camphor lotion and honey together to the forehead pimples or zits.

All these things are great ways to reduce the breakouts and the best way to get rid of forehead acne is by using natural remedies. To get an excellent result you can repeat the process repeatedly and consistently.  Do not pinch or pick at your pimple – when you pinch your forehead pimples it causes them to swell up, therefore spreading the acne causing bacteria and oil to other part of your face.

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