How to Get Rid of Melasma: Best Home Remedies and Natural Melasma Treatment

Melasma Treatment

Melasma is a patchy brown discoloration of the skin on the face. Melasma treatment using natural remedies remove brown patches and dark spots on face in a natural way. Here are some effective home remedies to get rid of melasma and other facial pigmentation marks. Get rid of melasma naturally with these home remedies for melasma treatment.
There are numerous chemical and light based treatments for melasma that are very effective in getting rid of melasma skin discoloration.

There are also several over-the-counter creams and solutions for melasma treatment. Topical skin lightener and exfoliator have been found to be quite effective for removing melasma and hyperpigmentation on face. However, there are natural melasma treatments, which can help you get rid of melasma effectively.

Melasma is characterized by skin discoloration typically located on areas of the body more exposed to the sun, such as around the eyes, on the cheeks, nose, forehead, upper lip and chin and to a lesser extent, on the neck and arms. Melasma is an acquired hypermelanosis of sun-exposed areas.

Pregnancy may provoke melasma – in affected women, the pigment often fades a few months after delivery. When it occurs in pregnancy, it's called chloasma during pregnancy or pregnancy mask. Hormonal imbalances and regular intake of birth control pills may also cause melasma. Melasma or chloasma tends to turn dark when exposed to the sun.

Natural Remedies and Treatments to Get Rid Of Melasma

Sometimes melasma skin pigmentation fades on its own, especially after a pregnancy or if you stop taking birth control pills. If you have skin discoloration on your face from Melasma or chloasma during pregnancy, consider these home remedies.

Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment for Melasma
Apple cider vinegar is considered to be the best treatment for melasma brown patches and brown spots. The acetic qualities of apple cider vinegar make it a suitable choice for treating melasma skin discolorations at home. Apply a solution of 2 parts water to 3 parts apple cider vinegar on the brown spots of melasma. Leave it on a few minutes and then rinse away. Drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water also help removing melasma brown splotchiness on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, and jaw line.

Oatmeal and Honey Mask for Melasma Treatment
One natural melasma treatment option is using the oatmeal and honey mask. Oatmeal is a natural skin-exfoliating substance, which can lighten skin discolorations such as chloasma during pregnancy, also known as the mask of pregnancy. Take some raw oatmeal and mix it in about half a cup of milk, and rub this mixture all over your face, leave to dry then wash off thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. This face mask help in exfoliating the face that can greatly help in removing dead skin cells and reducing uneven skin tone and dark pigmentation in your skin. Apply this face mask on a regular basis to help get rid of melasma or chloasma.

Onion Juice Remedy for Melasma Treatment
You can also use onion juice to get rid of the brown patches. In order to remove pigmented skin, apply fresh onion juice on the discolored skin with a cotton swab. Apply this natural melasma treatment to remove hyperpigmention of melasma fast.

Lemon Juice Treatment for Melasma
Another natural melasma remedy found in the kitchen is lemon juice. With your finger or a cotton ball, apply fresh lemon juice on the skin pigmentation marks. After applying lemon juice, leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off. Citric acid present in lemon juice will lighten melasma skin discolorations. This natural treatment of melasma will remove dark spots and dark patches around the mouth, apples of the cheeks, forehead, and other areas that are affected by melasma or chloasma during pregnancy.

Melasma Treatment Using Aloe Vera
Aloe vera gel is the best herbal treatment to remove melasma discoloration patches on face. Aloe vera contains a potent substance called mucilaginous polysaccharide (MPS), which softens and lightens brown spots and other skin discolorations. For treating chloasma or pregnancy mask, take fresh aloe vera juice apply it on the discolored facial skin. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water. This is one of the best natural melasma treatments for lightening melasma discoloration.

Cucumber Juice Remedy for Melasma Treatment
Cucumber juice is one of the best home remedies for melasma cure that is supposed to help lighten discoloration of skin. Rub the cucumber juice on hyper pigmented skin and leave it for a while. Apply this natural treatment regularly to get rid of melasma fast. Mixing lemon juice and cucumber juice and applying directly into your face also help in lightening dark pigments of melasma or chloasma during pregnacy.

Keep Your Body Hydrated to Get Rid of Melasma
Melasma patchy brown or tan facial skin can be treated by keeping your body well hydrated. Proper hydration of body helps eliminate toxins and is ideal for melasma treatment. Drinking plenty of water can keep the body hydrated, as well as get rid of melasma skin discoloration.

Horseradish for Treating Melasma
Horseradish is another best natural treatment for removing pigmentation marks due to melasma. Apply horseradish root to the discolored skin to bleach dark skin and age spots. It burns a bit but is extremely efficient organic treatment for melasma. The facial pigmentation gets to be darkish at first. But subsequently it commences to peel and the skin that is beneath is blemish free and vibrant. Applying horseradish juice mixed with warm milk can also help reduce dark spots on skin due to chloasma.

Ripe Banana Treatment for Melasma
For treating the mask of pregnancy or chloasma, you can also try peeling and mashing a ripe banana and applying this paste over your dark patches on face. Massage the face in a firm and circular motion for about 5 minutes and leave the melasma face mask on for about 20 minutes and then wash the face. This melasma cure remedy will help lighten your facial dark skin patches while providing a glow to the skin.

Natural Melasma Treatment Using Turmeric
Treat melasma effectively with this all natural remedy: Take 5 tablespoons of turmeric powder and mix it with 10 tablespoons of milk. Apply it all over the face followed by a warm massage for 20 minutes followed by warm water wash. Turmeric stops excessive production of melanin, which helps to reduce melasma discoloration and dark brown spots on face. Regular application of this skin discoloration treatment will help you get rid of melasma pigmentation fast.

Natural melasma treatment help you get rid of melasma and mask of pregnancy. So, try these natural melasma treatments and remove melasma dark spots and patches effectively.

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