How to Reduce Rosacea Facial Redness Naturally

Causes of Facial Redness

Rosacea or facial redness is a rather common skin duduk kasus faced all across the globe. A person with rosacea appears to be blushing, off and on, without really intending to do so. The skin gets an unusually red tinge and a thick appearance when a person is afflicted with rosacea. The red discoloration of the skin starts with the skin on the nose, cheeks and around the eyes before making its way to the forehead and the chin. In severe cases, the face appears to be burnt by the sun. Dilation of blood vessels leads to recurrent flushing of the face which is the most common symptom of this disorder. A burning sensation and facial inflammation are other, not so common, symptoms that accompany the redness. Facial redness is not limited to people with a particular skin color but is more prominent in people with a light skin tone.

Changes in temperature and hormonal changes are the main causes of facial redness. Certain foods, beverages and cosmetics with alcoholic content can aggravate rosacea. Rosacea can also be linked with emotion. Anxiety, embarrassment and excitement are factors that can result in facial redness. Rosacea needs to be treated at the earliest because if left untreated, the skin could become extremely sensitive, making the condition quite uncomfortable.

Reduce Facial Redness

Rosacea cannot be cured but its frequency and duration can be reduced. However, the redness can be reduced by a few easy to follow tips. On experiencing the onset of the flushing feeling, immediately place a cold, moist towel on your face. This will help in reducing the redness by constricting the dilated blood vessels.

Chamomile is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Refrigerating a mixture of a few drops of chamomile and water and splashing your face, whenever needed, with this mixture will help in reducing inflammation and other symptoms of rosacea. After a bath, a tamat rinse with a mixture of tea tree oil and cool water will be beneficial in preventing the flushed look.

Since the skin tends to become very sensitive in the case of rosacea, it is advisable to choose skincare products carefully, ensuring that they are mild and alcohol-free. Products with aloe as an ingredient are recommended as aloe is known for its ability to heal damaged skin. The use of aloe gel as a moisturizer is advisable as it has the ability to calm and soothe ailing skin while nourishing it.

Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided so as to prevent further damage. If you are aware of the stimulant that triggers facial redness, it is advisable to stay away from it at all times.

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