Squeezing ,Things To Have Been Watched Before Doing It

Remove blackheads by squeezing 

Removing blackheads by pressing or squeezing can irritate the skin if it is not done prope SQUEEZING  ,THINGS TO HAVE BEEN WATCHED BEFORE DOING IT


Removing blackheads by pressing or squeezing can irritate the skin if it is not done properly. Especially if you do it yourself at home. For that, you need to pay attention to the following three things to avoid the masalah when removing blackheads.

Removing blackheads by pressing or squeezing can irritate the skin if it is not done prope SQUEEZING  ,THINGS TO HAVE BEEN WATCHED BEFORE DOING IT

Blackheads or blackheads often appear on the nose and chin. This blackish color can be removed by squeezing. Eliminating blackheads by punching is not the recommended way. Pinching is just a temporary solution and is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of distracting blackheads.

1. Pushing Using Hands

The method of punching applies to blackheads located on the chin, face, and nose. Evaporate by pouring hot water into the basin, steam our face on the basin to soften and open the pores. Never do the bulking before doing the evaporation because the blackhead will be difficult to remove and squeezed it becomes a painful thing.

After ensuring the hand is clean and sterile, press the blackheads gently. Use a tissue to clear blackheads that work out. Do not force blackheads that are difficult to remove because there are some that are not ready to be removed. Punching too hard will only hurt the skin surface and widen the pores.

2. Picking Using Extractor


In the cosmetics store sold a lot of blackheads boosters whose function is almost the same as punching blackheads done hand. This tool makes it easier for us to remove stubborn blackheads and difficult squeeze by hand. This tool made of small stainless steel helps us put pressure on the pores around the blackheads.

We can use this tool to remove all blackheads that are difficult to remove. Due to the use of this device, it can cause irritation and inflammation if not done properly. Watch the following video tutorial to better understand how to apply it without causing inflammation and damage to the facial skin.

3. Removing Blackhead Using Pore Strip

Pore strips can easily be found in cosmetics stores. This method is faster, safer, and easier because we no longer need to squeeze by hand or extractor. Pore ​strips can remove the blackhead by attaching it for 15 minutes.

Things to Look For After Squeezing Blackheads

  • 1. After experiencing punching, the skin will feel uncomfortable and the pores will be enlarged. Use a toner or rose water, apply on the surface of the face to soothe and kill the inflammatory bacteria. It is very important to avoid acne after splash.
  • 2. In addition to applying toner or rose water, the step to be considered is to use a face mask that can soothe the skin. Do a mask at night when we will go to sleep. Choose a mask that soothes the skin like a green tea mask. Green tea masks contain anti-inflammatory substances that can prevent inflammation, shrink the pores, and smooth the skin surface.
  • 3. In addition to both ways, we can put cold water on the face to shrink the pores . Cold water can reduce the risk of inflammation.
By paying attention to these steps, removing blackheads by squeezing will not cause irritation and damage to the skin. Squeezing blackheads will clean the pores even though the blackheads will reappear. We do not need to clean the blackheads in its entirety by punching them. Forcing a blackhead to come out with a way to squeeze it will only harm our skin condition. So, love your skin with the right treatment method.

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